About Us

Hi. My name is Jenny. From an early age, I was known for my bows. Whether it was a ribbon or yarn, I always had a bow. I'm the youngest of four girls and my mom loved playing dress up! We were her doll collection! She made sure we were always dressed for the occasion. And each outfit had its own bow! My nickname was Fluff'n'Stuff.
My older sisters treated me as their real life doll. That meant dress up parties with matching ruffly dresses and BIG bows!
As I grew older the matching outfits continued. The bows grew bigger and so did our hair!
When it came time to have my own girls I couldn't find exactly the bows that I wanted. So I decided to buy ribbon and make my own. 13 years and thousands of bows later, they are exactly what I imagined they would be. I want to share with you what I couldn't find anywhere else and I promise you won't be disappointed!
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